Ceramic Professional Hair Curler

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Ever leave the house with fresh curls and feel like you're in a music video as you strut down the street? We feel you — curls have that power. The only problem is, curling your hair can be quite confusing. Well, it was. Our CERAMIC PROFESSIONAL HAIR CURLER ICICOSMETIC' will transform your hair into actress worthy hair. 

The process of curling your hair if achieved with heat and steam. This method it will not damage your hair. This IciCosmetic'"Ceramic Professional Hair Curler will have your hair in funny, flirty curls within minutes. This automatic winder is equipped with fast-heating ceramic plates and reaches temperatures of up to 190°C. The heat is held exactly where it is needed. 


1. Plug the curler to the power supply. 
2. Push the Power button on the handle, the display will light up to show that the appliance on. 
3. Select the desired temperature using the (+) and (-) buttons OR set the desired temperature by pressing the (M) button to use pre-set temperature of Low, Medium, High. 
4. The temperature will blink 4 times , indicating the curler temperature is set. 5. Select the desired timer setting using the (+) or (-) buttons. 6. Introduce the lock in the curling chamber and press the arrow button with the desired direction. 7. A beep will indicate the curling for that lock is finished. 


• To unlock the temperature or change the temperature , press the power button once (the lock icon will disappear) and press the (M) button twice. 
• To unlock the timer setting, press the power button once (the lock icon will disappear) and press (M) button once 
• After 1 hour of stand-by, the iron will shut off automatically. 


1. After you've finished the curling, gently run your fingers through your hair to separate the curls slightly — brush lightly if you want wavy curls. 
2. Finish with a touch of hairspray 

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